A tech-influenced ballet for a tech-obsessed city, Bound To© by Christopher Wheeldon explores what we’re missing by being glued to our phones. Here Wheeldon discusses choreographing this work for SF Ballet’s 2018 Unbound festival of new works.

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Header image: Christopher Wheeldon rehearsing Bound To // © Erik Tomasson

Christopher Wheeldon On Creating Bound To

2 thoughts on “Christopher Wheeldon On Creating Bound To

  1. I saw Lyric Voices Wednesday the 27th of March, and Bound To left me weeping. I was deeply moved by this thought provoking, incredibly relevant piece. San Francisco, a city I’ve lived in my entire life, has become a sterile breeding ground for wealth accumulation and the automation of the human condition. No more hearts, no more empathy, no more eye contact. Eyes glued to devices, hands in pockets, hearts closed. To watch this personified in this piece moved me in a way that I am seldom moved anymore. The final solo and ensemble piece “Trying To Breath” hit me especially hard, having lost two close friends in the last 6 months to suicide and drug overdose. In a world where we are plugged in seemingly 24/7, we have never been so disconnected from one another. Is support leaving a comment on someones instagram post? Is support tagging someone in a funny photo? At the end of the piece when the soloist was left in the center of the floor and the ensemble was reconnected to their glowing devices and walking away….. i felt that. Thank you.


    • The irony of you posting your comment on and to the very devices to which the piece – and your comment – refer, is positively delicious:-)


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