Flowers & Bear at the Zoo and The Palace

Just days before the opening of San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker, The Palace Hotel got into the spirit with a Nutcracker Tea, held in its historic Palm Court restaurant. In addition to a festive afternoon tea, families and friend met and took photos with dancers in costume as flowers from SF Ballet’s production. 

In costume for Nutcracker at The Palace Hotel’s Nutcracker Tea

On hand to enjoy some tea and sandwiches was Nutcracker Bear, who certainly made the most of the opportunity to celebrate in style before the long run of Nutcracker performances begins.

Nutcracker Bear at the Palace // Caitlin Sims
Nutcracker Bear at the Palace Hotel

Flowers and Bear also visited San Francisco Zoo, as guests at a series of “Little Learner” classes and to meet zoo attendees. Nutcracker Bear was thrilled to make friends with the chimpanzees, who seemed slightly taken aback by Nutcracker Bear’s sartorial choices. Next stop, Nutcracker!

In costume for Nutcracker at San Francisco Zoo

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