A Clara Reunion

On opening night of Nutcracker, the lobby was filled with a happy group; hugging and reminiscing while clad in identical diagonal silk sashes. It was a reunion of current and former SF Ballet School students, all of whom had played the role of Clara in Nutcracker, from 1972 to 2018. 

Former Claras (and a Prince!) gathered at opening night of Nutcracker

Dancers discussed their experiences in the ballet and what it had meant to them and shared stories of friendships that have endured decades after dancing together in Nutcracker.

A group of Claras from the 1980s

Immediately before the performance, SF Ballet Executive Director Kelly Tweeddale recognized the role that these student performers have played in the production. She asked all the former Claras to stand, and the audience cheered once again for these talented performers. 

A group of recent Claras

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Header image: SF Ballet in Tomasson’s Nutcracker // © Erik Tomasson

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