Who’s Who in Wheeldon’s Cinderella


Cinderella is our heroine. She’s beautiful, clever, and a little too headstrong for her own good, but it’s her sweet spirit that ultimately charms the prince.

Likes: Trees, golden slippers, a truly clean home.

Dislikes: Ashes, siblings, clocks.

Luke Ingham in Wheeldon's Cinderella©. (© Erik Tomasson)
Luke Ingham in Wheeldon’s Cinderella© // © Erik Tomasson

Prince Guillaume is in a pickle: his parents want him to marry and he’s just not emotionally ready. But a prince of the realm must do what a prince of the realm must do. The only answer is to have a ball and invite every possible bachelorette from near and far. 

Likes: Drinking with his best friend Ben.  

Dislikes: When people call him Wills, Willy, or Bill.

San Francisco Ballet in Wheeldon's Cinderella©. (© Erik Tomasson)
San Francisco Ballet in Wheeldon’s Cinderella©
// © Erik Tomasson

King Albert and Queen Charlotte

The rulers of our imaginary Francophone country, Albert and Charlotte just really wish that Guillaume would grow up and take some responsibility for his life—or at least stop making trouble with the dancing master’s son Benjamin.

Likes: Absolute power.

Dislikes: Peter Pan.

San Francisco Ballet in Wheeldon's Cinderella©. (© Erik Tomasson)
San Francisco Ballet in Wheeldon’s Cinderella© // © Erik Tomasson


Cinderella’s nerdy younger stepsister, who maybe, just maybe, isn’t all evil.

Likes: Reading, journaling, and hiding from her older sister.

Dislikes: Visits to the optometrist and her family.


Edwina puts the evil in evil stepsister.

Likes: Tormenting those weaker than her.

Dislikes: Anyone having anything that she doesn’t have.


Evil stepmother or just looking out for her biological children’s best interests? Depends on who you ask.

Likes: Edwina. Clementine, on occasion. Having servants.

Dislikes: Financial insecurity. Cinderella.

Cinderella’s Father

Poor Cindy’s dad doesn’t seem to have a name—or much of a backbone. Though he loves his child, his love for wife #2 seems to outweigh that from time to time—or for several years.

Likes: Both Cinderella and Hortensia. Presumably Wife #1 as well.

Dislikes: Conflict.

Julia Rowe and Angelo Greco in Wheeldon's Cinderella© // © Erik Tomasson
Julia Rowe and Angelo Greco in Wheeldon’s Cinderella© // © Erik Tomasson

The son of Madame Mansard—the dancing master—Benjamin grows up with Guillaume at the palace. Often left to play second fiddle, he finally gets a chance to find love of his own.

Likes: Squash, polo, ballroom dancing.

Dislikes: Being referred to as “the dancing master’s son”.




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Frances Chung in Wheeldon's Cinderella©. (© Erik Tomasson)
Frances Chung in Wheeldon’s Cinderella© //
© Erik Tomasson

The Fates

Manifestations of Cinderella’s mother’s love, the Fates guide our heroine throughout her life—though, it sure seems like they could have interceded before she became a full-on servant in her own home.

Likes: Cinderella, large trees, graveyards.

Dislikes: Hortensia.

The Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother is the one who gets Cindy ready for the ball…not! No fairy godmothers here—the Fates and the giant tree that grows out of Cindy’s mother’s grave take care of all godmother-like duties.

Dislikes: Being excluded from this story.

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Header image: Dores André and Carlo Di Lanno in in Wheeldon’s Cinderella©.

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